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  • Vehicle-Mounted Pet Mat.

    The dog car mat is like a big pocket. There are four straps to hang the pocket on the headrests of the front and rear seats. There is also a zipper on the right side for the dog to get on and off the car. Benefits of car mats for dogs: 1. For small spaces, dogs will feel safer. If you have a...
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  • Hight Quality Automobile Cheyi.

    Hight Quality Automobile Cheyi.

    Car clothing is commonly known as car clothing, which is an outer cover made of van cloth or other flexible and wear-resistant materials according to the overall dimensions of the car, and car protective equipment. It can protect car paint and window glass, especially for high-end cars. Freque...
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  • Car seat cover maintenance.

    Car seat cover maintenance.

    1. Daily maintenance should be diligent, and be careful not to scratch or scratch the car seat cover with sharp objects, do not let the stains on your hands or clothes touch the car seat cover, and do not spill various liquids on the car seat cover; often Tidy and level the car seat cover to avo...
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  • Car front and rear occlusion.

    There are not many varieties of front sunshield, generally there are two kinds of aluminum foil and non-woven fabrics. Aluminum foil is generally divided into ordinary “light board” type and pattern type. The size is generally 60*130cm, which is suitable for most small cars. The alum...
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  • Sun protection strategy for driving in summer

    Sun protection strategy for driving in summer

    Summer is a huge test for the car, continuous high temperature weather is easy to cause harm to the car and the owner, so how to give the car sunscreen? Car sun visor In summer, prepare several reflective sunshades to effectively isolate the heat in the car. There are ma...
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  • Window film can “make your riding smarter” and protect your skin and eyes from the sun

    Window film can “make your riding smarter” and protect your skin and eyes from the sun

    Washington, June 21, 2021/PRNewswire/ - The multi-level technology used in the production and professional installation of car window films may "make your riding smarter©", just like ordinary car glass, whether it is Provided on SUVs, trucks or cars. According to the Int...
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