Sun protection strategy for driving in summer

Summer is a huge test for the car, continuous high temperature weather is easy to cause harm to the car and the owner, so how to give the car sunscreen?

Car sun visor

In summer, prepare several reflective sunshades to effectively isolate the heat in the car. There are many kinds of automobile sunshades in the auto parts city. In addition to the sunshades that can be adsorbed on the side door glass of the automobile, there are also sunshades that can block the top and surrounding glass of the automobile at the same time. Of course, the best sun visor can arm your car, such as car clothes, but the price will be more expensive. This kind of car clothes can be divided into "full model" and "half model".

Solar Control Films

The cooling effect of a good heat insulation film is very different from that of a general heat insulation film. The car is also exposed to the sun. Compared with a heat insulation film of more than 1000 yuan and more than 5000 yuan, the temperature inside the car can be 8-10 degrees Celsius. But if you want to completely rely on the heat insulation film to cool your car, it's a bit whimsical. In view of the fact that most of our car owners' thermal insulation films are given away when they buy a car, and most of these thermal insulation films are thermal insulation film products with a value of 1000-2000 yuan, the actual cooling effect is very poor, so don't think that sticking the thermal insulation film is equivalent to wearing an "air-conditioning clothing" for the car.

For the heat insulation film, many car owners have misunderstandings. In fact, the film is a heat storage material. Under the condition of ensuring a certain perspective, the film can block the infrared and ultraviolet rays in the light. Part of the blocked infrared, that is, the heat energy, is reflected by the film with mirror effect. The amount of emission without mirror effect is small. A large part of the film itself is absorbed, and the rest is penetrated into the car, Absorbed by the interior of the car. Most importantly, the film is attached to the car glass, that is to say, all the heat absorbed is in the car“ It should be noted that the function of the heat insulation film is not to cool the car for a long time, but to reduce the infrared and ultraviolet rays directly on the skin. "

Post time: 23-06-21