How to protect the car from the scorching sun?

In today's car demand environment, I believe everyone has experienced the feeling of entering the car when the weather is hot. It's like wearing a cotton padded jacket to enter the sauna. It's not too much. In such an environment, you have to endure not only the high temperature like a sauna, but also the seats that burn your skin. Some cars will be exposed to a strong plastic smell, which is unbearable for both the passengers and the owners. Therefore, sun protection for your car is a must in hot weather.

Harm of automobile exposure to the sun

If the vehicle is not well protected from the sun, long-term exposure to the sun will cause irreversible damage to the car. Although the car is made of steel, the components in the car are precision electronic equipment, which can not withstand the test of high temperature. There are many things in the car that will have adverse reactions when exposed to the sun.

The first damage to the vehicle exposed to the sun is the car paint. The car paint and the body metal will experience thermal expansion, but their expansion strength is different. Over time, cracks and discoloration will appear on the body paint surface. This kind of damage is irreversible. The second injury is the interior panel. The interior panel is mostly dark and plastic products. After exposure to the sun, it emits a bad smell, and the interior panel will harden, resulting in abnormal noise and fading of the interior. It is very easy for a car's tire to burst when it is exposed to the sun, because the sun causes the tire pressure to be unstable and the tread to soften, which is very dangerous when driving. Vehicles exposed to the sun for a long time may self ignite. It is often reported in the news that vehicles self ignite due to high temperature.

Methods of sun protection for cars

The result of the car being exposed to the sun is really heartbreaking, so we should take protective measures for our car. There are many kinds of sunscreen products and methods on the market. Which one is suitable for our car?

First of all, the simplest and most effective way is to park the vehicle in a place without direct sunlight, under a tree or underground parking lot. Secondly, you can make the glaze to protect the car from the sun and ultraviolet rays, and stick the heat insulation film on the car glass, which can also effectively isolate the heat source. The advantage of this method is that the heat insulation is not only when parking, but also can effectively isolate the heat no matter when, where and which working conditions.

There are also more common car clothes. Putting the whole car in the car clothes is more suitable for residential areas or parking lots. Car clothes are also one of the most effective methods, and inconvenient is also a common problem. It's physical work to put and put the huge car clothes. There are also higher price Auto put and put car clothes on the market. Interested car owners can consider it.

Finally, it introduces several simple tools to prevent the car from being exposed to the sun: sunshade, side window sunshade, pull-out sunshade, side window electrostatic adhesive sunshade, etc.

How to do after insolation

Every car owner knows that the sun exposure is very bad for the car, but many times we can't guarantee the sun protection measures. How can we relieve the sun exposure?

If time permits, open the windows and doors for ventilation before driving. For car owners who are not in a hurry, open the doors and windows before driving away, and make full use of the natural convection of air to ventilate and cool the exposed car.

If the time is too late, then you should also open the window when driving, at the same time, adjust the air conditioning wind to the maximum, and open the external circulation.

After the car is exposed to the sun, do not immediately wipe the car with water, which will cause irreparable damage to the paint and interior. The most important thing after the sun is ventilation and heat dissipation.

Write at the end

The sun protection of vehicles is also for their own safety. Car owners should not take it lightly. In daily use, they should frequently open windows to ensure the ventilation in the vehicle on the premise of ensuring safety, and they should not use the internal circulation of air conditioning for a long time. When the weather gets hot, remember to check whether the vehicle fire extinguisher is normal, just in case. At the same time, all car owners must remember to choose a suitable sunscreen method for their own car. Only with sunscreen measures can they effectively prevent the damage caused by sun exposure to the vehicle.

Post time: 23-06-21